Objectives of Conference

Objectives of Conference

The Scientific and Executive committees of International Congress on Science, Engineering and Technology attempt to provide a unique opportunity to continuously benefit from An institutionalized collective wisdom and enhance the common objectives and programs quantitatively and qualitatively. Accordingly, it will be attempted to establish some robust and mutual interactions and cooperation with scientific educational, governmental and non-governmental organizations across all geographical regions as well as at diverse local, national, regional and international levels to meet the following objectives:

1) Creating as contacts as possible to provide a means for scientific and industrial exchanges

2) Boosting the scientific and research collaborations with other scientific centers in the country and around the world

3) Promoting the basic and applied research in all sectors of science and technology, identifying the top ideas and turning them into productive projects

4) Strengthening the interaction and communication between university and the industry

5) Finding out the latest scientific achievements and research methods

6) Examining the research challenges in the industrial and scientific community of the world

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About Conference

about conferenceToday, the advancement and development of countries at the macro level and organizations at the micro level depends on the upgrading of knowledge, skills and technology, and on the same basis, we see that most of the leading countries and organizations have increasingly focused on research and development And the mission of explaining the real status of the results and suggestions of research applied to the development of their organizations. Due to the importance of science, technology, and engineering knowledge for the realization of the goals, there is a need for a scientific work in its various dimensions on the international level. Hence the holding of the International Congress of Science

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