Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland (pronounced Nederland)) is a small state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the northwest of Europe with 16.7 million inhabitants, most of them Protestant Christians. The Muslim population of the Netherlands is close to one million. The capital city of Amsterdam is the city of Amsterdam, but in order to decentralize, many ministries and embassies have been stationed in or around the city of The Hague. The Netherlands is the main and European part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (in Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, Konincic in Nederland), which includes islands in Central America. The Netherlands is neighbors to the east with Germany and is adjacent to the south with Belgium and the west by the sea with Britain. The port of Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands, and is the largest port in Europe in terms of area and number of docks. 25% of the Dutch land is located below the free-seas and 21% of its population lives there.

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about conferenceToday, the advancement and development of countries at the macro level and organizations at the micro level depends on the upgrading of knowledge, skills and technology, and on the same basis, we see that most of the leading countries and organizations have increasingly focused on research and development And the mission of explaining the real status of the results and suggestions of research applied to the development of their organizations. Due to the importance of science, technology, and engineering knowledge for the realization of the goals, there is a need for a scientific work in its various dimensions on the international level. Hence the holding of the International Congress of Science

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