Features and Benefits of Conference

Features and Benefits of Conference

The distinctive features of the Conference

* The authors may take advantage of the scholarships offered by prestigious universities.

* All the submitted papers will pass through a fair review process and, subsequently, the full text of papers will be published in the Conference CD.

* Professors from prestigious universities around the world, including the UK, Germany, Turkey, etc., will beneficially take part and exchange ideas in the Conference.

* The respected researchers will get familiar with and visit the prestigious universities of Sweden as the most prestigious universities in Europe.

* All the featured papers of the Conference are highly probable to be published in scientific, research, specific ISI journals and, consequently, the latter may be done without going into a new review process.

* The participants can register in-person or virtually.

* The participants will receive the Conference package which includes international paper acceptance certificates, proceedings CD and gifts.

* The participants will receive international reliable certificates issued by prestigious academic institutions around the world.

* The participants will be awarded international conference certificates in English.

* Some comprehensive services will be offered to financial and scientific supporters.

* Several sightseeing and specialized tours will be held in the host country.

* The participants can benefit from facilities and services offered by Conference supporters.

* All the presenters (in-person or virtual) will be provided with international acceptance certificate, publication certificate and presentation certificate.

* All free presenters and participants will be provided with international certificates of attendance and presentation.

* Researchers and authors will get familiar with the prominent scholars of the host country as well as the activists of various economic, scientific and political fields across different countries.

* Professors, experts, policymakers, managers and practitioners will exchange ideas on various subjects.

* It will be attempted to launch advertising campaign which includes comprehensive and diverse audiovisual advertising efforts.

* It will be tried to hold Press conferences and interviews for participants to introduce their services, facilities and equipment.

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About Conference

about conferenceToday, the advancement and development of countries at the macro level and organizations at the micro level depends on the upgrading of knowledge, skills and technology, and on the same basis, we see that most of the leading countries and organizations have increasingly focused on research and development And the mission of explaining the real status of the results and suggestions of research applied to the development of their organizations. Due to the importance of science, technology, and engineering knowledge for the realization of the goals, there is a need for a scientific work in its various dimensions on the international level. Hence the holding of the International Congress of Science

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